Who should attend

Who should attend

The National Asset Liability Management Asia conference is tailored for individuals who serve the following capacities in the state-owned organisations below:

State owned entities:

  • Central Banks Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Ministries of Finance
  • State Pension Funds
  • Social Security Funds
  • National Treasury Offices
  • Debt Management Offices
  • Stabilisation Funds Investment Authorities

Job titles:

  • Governor
  • Deputy Governor
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Head of Reserve Management
  • Head of Monetary Operations
  • Head of Portfolio Management
  • Head of Foreign Exchange
  • Head of Risk Management
  • Head of Asset Management
  • Head of TAA
  • Head of Operations
  • Treasurer/Head of Treasury
  • Head of Governance
  • Head of Public Markets
  • Head of External Fund Management
  • Head of Financial Stability
  • Investment Director
  • Permanent Secretary of Finance, Director General, Finance Ministry
  • Director/Head of Debt Management
  • National Finances Manager
  • Head of International Department
  • Deputy Secretary of Finance
  • Head of Financial Markets
  • Head of Internal Debt Management