Hosted on 19-20 March 2020 in Brussels, our flagship Global conference delivers an informed programme researched and developed with the official sector asset management community and powered by Central Banking’s editorial expertise and insight. 

Benefits of attending the Global National Asset-Liability Management Conference:

  • The Global National Asset-Liability Management Conference brings together professionals from market operations, foreign exchange reserves, financial markets and monetary operations across the globe to discuss, debate and share key challenges 
  • The summit provides an unrivalled opportunity for a confidential exchange of ideas on the key issues facing reserve managers amongst peers
  • Participants will hear from renowned practitioners examining the implications of public policy and market stresses on investment strategy, risk management and market engagement

Key themes

The programme will be structured around a series of interactive, content-led and practical sessions covering topics including:

  • Management of geopolitical risks
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)
  • Evolving trends in trade and growth in Asia 
  • Rethinking rates in the low inflation environment  
  • New globalisation – the path to the future
  • China-US trade negotiations- an important juncture in trade and investment relations
  • Greening the financial system: the new role of central banks
Notable speakers

Jennifer Johnson-Calari - Chair

  • Lesetja kganyago - South African Reserve Bank

  • Lars Rohde - National Bank of Denmark

  • Henner Asche - Deutsche Bundesbank

  • Christophe Beuve - European Central Bank

  • Imène Rahmouni-Rousseau - Banque de France

  • Sophie Faber - Swiss National Bank

  • Franz Partsch - National Bank of Austria

  • Andrew Abir - Bank of Israel

  • Jacob Wellendorph Ejsing - National Bank of Denmark

  • Tomas Garbaravičius - Bank of Lithuania

  • Juliusz Jabłecki - National Bank of Poland

  • Imane Bakkar - Bank of England

  • Solomon Kavuma - Bank of Uganda

Who attended?
  • Bank of England

  • Bank of Lithuania

  • Bank of Slovenia

  • Banque de France

  • National Bank of Denmark

  • National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia

  • National Bank of Poland

  • National bank of Slovakia

  • European Central Bank

  • Central Bank of Hungary

  • Central Bank of Ireland

  • Swiss National Bank

  • HM Treasury

  • And many more