National Asset-Liability Management Global

This year we will focus on investment challenges in a world of low returns; managing asset allocation, investment and the optimisation of balance sheets and portfolios; and changes to market structures and the implications for reserve managers.

Our National Asset-Liability Global conference was due to take place in Brussels this year, but due to the current Covid-19 situation we have had to take the conference online and will deliver presentations, panel discussions and live, interactive roundtables virtually. You will have the chance to participate in Q&A and live discussions with your peers, speakers and colleagues on he most demanding reserve management issues from Covid-19 responses and asset diversification to climate risk. 

What is National Asset-Liability Management Global Virtual?

A global community of central bank reserve managers, sovereign investors and their stakeholder communities who

  • engage across an interactive 5 day virtual agenda
  • share good practices and challenges with colleagues and peers
  • receive take away, actionable and thought-provoking content

What will the event cover?

Programme topic highlights include:

• What is the future of the monetary system?
• Strategies to minimise the impact of negative rates
• Climate risk and investment strategies - what can be achieved?
• Expert led working groups on use of derivatives, gold, equities, digital currencies and sustainability
• Advantages of using external managers to invest in emerging markets
• Oxford style debate: This conference believes that 'Dollar is the worst reserve currency except all of the other ones'

Benefits of virtual conferences

  • No travel approval or visa required 
  • Connect with your peers from all over the world
  • Presentations and discussions can be accessed in your own time
  • Everything in one place: put your questions to speakers and peers, chat live with your colleagues and see the latest survey polls; all in real time
  • Personalize your agenda: create your own timings on Brella, from presentations to networking time 
  • Market updates: visit virtual booths to find the solutions and advice you need

Transcending borders

NALM Global Audience Map

For more information regarding the National Asset-Liability Management Conference, please get in contact via the following: