National Asset-Liability Management Americas

The 2020 National Asset-Liability Management Americas virtual presents expert insights and provides solutions for the most demanding reserve management issues from Covid-19 responses and asset diversification to climate risk.

What is National Asset-Liability Management Americas?

A global community of central bank reserve managers, sovereign investors and their stakeholder communities who

  • engage across an interactive 5 day virtual agenda
  • share good practices and challenges with colleagues and peers
  • receive take away, actionable and thought-provoking content
NALM Americas

What will National Asset-Liability Management Americas Virtual address?

  • Outlook for the major market sectors
  • How to integrate ESG into portfolio management
  • The increase in Gold ETF’s and what has been learned from these in terms of resilience in this pandemic
  • Measuring risk return profile
  • Operational risk challenges for reserve managers
  • What have central banks diversified into and what strategic asset allocated will look like post covid-19

Transcending borders

NALm Americas map