THANK YOU for participating at the National Asset-Liability Management Conference Asia 2014

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The National ALM Conference Asia took place on 23 and 24 July in the heart of Singapore at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. The Day 1 of the conference kicked off with the remarks from the Chairman Fot Chyi Wong, who was kindly agreed to lead the proceedings over two days for the second time at the Singapore conference.

One of the many highlights of the first day was surely the opening keynote address, Dr Sayuri Shirai, Member of the Policy Board at the Bank of Japan. Dr Shirai spoke on the recent monetary policy trends in advanced economies and the Asia-Pacific region and her speech can be viewed here:

The opening speech was followed by a presentation on bilateral currency swaps in Asia delivered by Reza Siregar, Group Head and Lead Economist of AMRO. Throughout the day, we participated in the numerous panel discussions, one of which was the discussion on volatile capital markets - led by Madhu Gayer of BNP Paribas, the discussion delved into the topical issues and Alisara Mahasandana (Bank of Thailand), Tung Siew Hoong (GIC), RS Ratho (Reserve Bank of India) and Philip Turner (BIS) gave their insights on the topic. In addition to that, we heard from Roman Baumann (SNB), Rupa Dheerasinghe (Central Bank of Sri Lanka) and Budianto (Bank Indonesia) on return in a low yield environment as well as Thierry de Longuemar (ADB) and Yuksel Gormez (Central Bank of Turkey) on RMB internationalization. The day wrapped up with a discussion on reserves management led by Ming Soong Tham (NUS) and discussed by Sum Sannisith (National Bank of Cambodia) and Felipe M. Medalla (Central Bank of the Philippines).

After the close, we enjoyed a gala dinner where we welcomed a very prominent speaker, Dr Alan Bollard (former governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and the Executive Director of APEC in Singapore) who addressed the dinner guests and spoke on Causal Implications for Government Balance Sheets from Medium-Term Disruptive Socio-Economic Influences in the APEC Asia Region.

The Day 2 of the conference was opened by Thomas Ekeli, Director and Chief Economist of The Government Pension Fund of Norway. The informative and interactive keynote addressed was followed by an executive dialogue on credit risk management and alternatives to CRA - led by Aaron Woolner and presented by Sam O'Sullivan (QIC) and Prof Jin-Chuan Duan (NUS). The final session of the conference brought the three though-leaders, namely, Pablo Sosa (New Zealand Super Fund), Swee Yuan Tay (GIC) and Thomas Ekeli (The Government Pension Fund of Norway) to discuss the development of the new risk governance for sovereign wealth fund for the next asset allocation paradigm shift. The discussion was led by Andrew Tan (Northern Trust) and gave very deep insights into the issues.

I sincerely hope that the conference was a fruitful and interesting experience and look forward to welcoming you again next year.

If you would like to speak at the next year's event or contact me for further details, please feel free to email me at

Simona Zukaite,
Conference Producer, Central Banking Publications

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