Please note the 2014 National Asset Liability Management Middle East Symposium has been postponed. Please visit the website for updates

National Asset-Liability Management Middle-East

The conference addressed unique subjects and was excellent in highlighting different approaches, investment models and risk techniques. It was also excellent in gathering different participants and speakers representing people from different areas of the globe
General Manager Risk Management, Central Bank of Egypt
The conference offered diverse sessions, good presentations, and an interactive audience
Head of Fixed Income/External Portfolio Group, Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
The conference was fruitful and full of ideas
Central Bank of Jordan

Tackling balance sheet dilemmas in today's interconnected economy

The symposium brings together policymakers and executives from the official sector within the Middle East. The two-day agenda will explore key topics affecting the central banking community including trends within global macro financial market conditions, asset allocation, reserve management, and risk management techniques.

National Asset Liability Management Middle East

Key topics include:

  • The big picture: positioning national balance sheets for the new year
  • Expanding horizons for portfolio management
  • Managing risks as the world enter the economic recovery

Attending the symposium will enable you to:

  • Examine the changes in monetary policy operations and how it effects the national balance sheet
  • Explore the risk outlooks for major reserve currencies
  • Discuss the rise of the renminbi and the benefits and risks of investing
  • Gain insights on how to encourage a sovereign fund's growth and profitability
  • Discuss with your peers how to adapt investment strategies
  • Learn which future sources of volatility sovereign investors should be aware of




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