National Asset-Liability Management Europe 2019 will take place at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square on 13 - 14 March next year. We are currently working on the agenda and more information will be published soon. 

Registration for National Asset-Liability Management Europe 2019 is now open.



Key themes

The 3 key themes for this year's summit were:

  • Investment in a world of low returns

  • Managing asset allocation, investment and the optimisation of balance sheets

  • Rethinking risk management as policies change and markets evolve

Notable speakers

Jennifer Johnson-Calari - Chair

  • Lesetja kganyago - South African Reserve Bank

  • Lars Rohde - National Bank of Denmark

  • Henner Asche - Deutsche Bundesbank

  • Christophe Beuve - European Central Bank

  • Imène Rahmouni-Rousseau - Banque de France

  • Sophie Faber - Swiss National Bank

  • Franz Partsch - National Bank of Austria

  • Andrew Abir - Bank of Israel

  • Jacob Wellendorph Ejsing - National Bank of Denmark

  • Tomas Garbaravičius - Bank of Lithuania

  • Juliusz Jabłecki - National Bank of Poland

  • Imane Bakkar - Bank of England

  • Solomon Kavuma - Bank of Uganda

Who attended?
  • Bank of England

  • Bank of Lithuania

  • Bank of Slovenia

  • Banque de France

  • National Bank of Denmark

  • National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia

  • National Bank of Poland

  • National bank of Slovakia

  • European Central Bank

  • Central Bank of Hungary

  • Central Bank of Ireland

  • Swiss National Bank

  • HM Treasury

  • And many more