Thank you to everyone that attended this year's event. Information regarding the 2018 conference will be avaliable soon.

New challenges for central banking as global political landscapes shift

Central Banking Publications is pleased to announce the dates of its 6th annual National Asset-Liability Management Americas conference which will take place in Mexico City, on 11-12 May, 2017.

The US Election had an impact on not only the United States itself, but it's been extended well into the world markets as a whole. If Donald Trump governs in accordance with the campaign that he was elected, we can expect the monetary departments of central banks and managers of official reserves in Latin America intervening actively with the markets to manage volatility.

Central Banking Publications invites all official sector investors to attend NALM Americas 2017 where delegates are able to share solutions and good practices to these problems with their peers from across the region. Over two days, NALM Americas will host interactive panels, thought-provoking presentations and invaluable networking opportunities to share insights and experiences on managing foreign exchange and sovereign wealth.

Key topics this year include:

  • Trends and challenges for reserve mangers in times of political change and volatility
  • Asset allocation and diversification in the low yield environment
  • Risk management as monetary policies diverge

NALM America infographic

Reasons to attend:

  • A program researched and developed with official institutions and Central Banking Publications to identify the key issues and challenges to be discussed
  • A unique environment for senior reserve managers and official investors to discuss and debate the economic environment and national wealth management
  • 40+ key people to meet and network with from central banks and other official sector investors

Central Banking Publications, in partnership with Bank of China (Hong Kong), is pleased to announce the dates of our 6th Renminbi Roundtable which will take place in Mexico on 10 May 2017.


Renminbi Round Table, Mexico City, May 10 2017

This round table will look into:

  • Renminbi - where is it now and where is it heading to?
  • Renminbi as a reserve currenct: a central banks perspective
  • Renminbi bonds - onshore and offshire markets
  • Internationalisation of the renminbi: trends and implications ahead

For more information, please visit the website here.

The format limits participation to 30 delegates, so please indicate your interest in participating as soon as possible by contacting my colleague Naomi Grice


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