National Asset-Liability Management Americas
12 - 13 May 2016

Four Seasons, Mexico City, Mexico

Rethinking asset allocation and risk as policies diverge

Central Banking Publications
is pleased to announce the dates of its 5th annual National Asset-Liability Management Americas symposium which will take place in Mexico City, Mexico on 12-13 May, 2016.

Latin American economies have faced significant headwinds over the past year. The Fed's decision to raise its benchmark rate has sparked concerns of capital flight out of the countries and back to the traditional safe haven of the United States. 

In Europe, growth continues to falter and this, coupled with a slowdown in the regions largest trading partner, China, and increased output of oil production from the OPEC region, have hampered the demand for oil from Latin America. And not only oil, but commodities across the board, from copper to corn.

These issues are making it ever more difficult for reserve managers and Central Banking Publications invites you to attend Nalm Americas where delegates are able to discuss solutions with their peers. Over two days, Nalm Americas will host interactive panels, thought-provoking presentations and invaluable networking opportunities to share insights and experiences.


Key topics this year include:

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of preparations and responses by managers of sovereign reserves to the US rate hike
  • Safety, liquidity and return - seeking out diversification opportunities within the trinity of reserve management parameters
  • Current trends in strategic asset allocation and portfolio optimisation during a period of global macro change and volatility
  • Sovereign reserves governance, organisational structure and decision making
  • Managing and reacting proactively to commodity price volatility
  • Fixed income, securities lending, external manager selection, renminbi, balancing returns with risk aversion and more...


Reasons to attend:

  • A program researched and developed with official institutions and Central Banking Publications to identify the key issues and challenges to be discussed
  • A unique environment for senior reserve managers and official investors to discuss and debate the economic environment and national wealth management
  • 40+ key people to meet and network with from central banks and other official sector investors



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