The 2017 conference has now taken place. Please keep an eye on the website for 2018 information.


Over the past few years the economies in Africa have battled with sluggish growth, currency volatility and lower commodity prices. Reserve managers must ask themselves what impact the policy and macro drivers will have on capital preservation, management of liquidity, new asset allocation strategies to improve earnings and the search for yield when traditional safe haven investments have been slipping into negative rates. National Asset-Liability Management Africa 2017 offers a comprehensive 2-day agenda, providing expert insights into the challenges and questions reserve manages must grapple with. The conference also provides practitioners with a closed forum environment to discuss these pressing issues with their peers. Today, official sector investors recognise the benefits of these events in sharing experiences to explore answers and benchmark best practice.

Designed specifically for central banks and sovereign investors, the conference encompasses a series of presentations, panels and case studies delivered by expert industry speakers. Throughout the event, sessions will address the challenges facing managers of national balance sheets.


Highlights of the programme include:

Oduetse Andrew Motshidisi, Former Deputy Governor, Bank of Botswana - will be chair the 2-day conference

Montfort Mlachila, Senior Resident Representative, International Monetary Fund - South Africa at the International Monetary Fund will speak about the economic outlook and policy challenges for reserve managers in sub-Saharan Africa

Melvin Khomo, Head, Financial Markets Department, Central Bank of Swaziland - will discuss the withdrawal of correspondent banking relationships

Four new discussion groups - each group will be led by an expert speakers, providing participants with an opportunity to delve deeps into the areas of importance in an off the record setting